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Professional Development accredited by IIROC

sales training iiroc montrealThere is no doubt the market is becoming increasingly competitive and demanding. Professionals are expected to stay on top of their knowledge and skillsets to excel in their field of expertise. It has been proven that people who improve their knowledge and work skills, have greater ease at achieving their career goals. In addition, professional development also promotes individual growth. Through professional training courses related to their field of expertise, professionals venture to expand their horizons and enrich their level of competencies, thereby increasing their self-confidence. Subsequently, they consistently perform better in their work and in their personal life.

Continuing Education For securities Industry Professionals

Professional development now occupies a prominent place of importance for various professional associations and regulatory organizations. The  Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) is among those organizations that value professional development training for their members. In fact, IIROC has established a mandatory Continuing Education Program that includes professional development courses.

A Professional Training Course Accredited by IIROC And CECAP

IIROC acknowledges that Securities industry professionals work in a fast-paced environment where it is important to keep-up with emerging industry trends and other developments. To ensure that their members remain current in their knowledge and skills, CECAP accredited external training which meets the rigorous requirements of IIROC’s Continuing Education Program.

Broadening the skillsets of Securities industry specialists, while integrating the needs and realities they face in their field, Impact-Pro has created a course based on sales techniques related to the Canadian Securities industry.


“Every day, many people wake up with the opportunity to redefine who they believe they are and who they want to become. Their biggest challenge to materialize their vision lies in their perception of themselves and the world. Choice is power. Self-interpretation can either pull you forward or backward, so why not choose to fully live life rather than suffer from living a life of existence? Success or failure, very often, the choice is right between our ears!“  Farès Chmait, CEO and Founder of Impact-Pro

Training and executive training specialists since 1990, Impact-Pro has worked with hundreds of internationally renowned companies.

The CECAP Accredited course was designed to meet the requirements of the IIROC Continuing Education Program.

The objective of this training is to help Securities industry professionals develop the necessary proficiencies to excel in sales.

This training is equivalent to 5 Continuing Education credits.

How To Boost Your Market Share With Farès Schmait

To expand your client base and boost your market share – these are the challenges of even the most talented salespeople. In this competitive business space, it’s not enough to do something well; you must do the right things with the right attitude. The best people will redouble their efforts constantly, adapt to changing realities, and become more efficient. What about you? Are you satisfied with the status quo, or will you commit to continually pushing the boundaries for success in your business?

Being specialized is good. Knowing how to sell your specialized services is better!

The course offered by Impact-Pro has been developed with a vision to help Securities industry specialists overcome obstacles often encountered during a business transaction. The course aims to provide an overview of the complete transaction process; from getting an appointment to concluding the sale. Particular attention will be placed on different levels of communication and the language used by professionals to achieve their goal of establishing good business relationships with their clients.

Core Content

  • Communicate Differently TM to Influence with Integrity
  • Develop Rock-Solid Business Relationships
  • Concluding a Transaction

At the end of this training, participants will be sensitized on the importance of building strong relationships with their clients. They will develop a thorough understanding of the approach required to identify their customers’ needs and evaluate the best way to communicate with them. During this training, participants will also learn how to structure of a good sales pitch. Finally, they will be aware of their internal dialogue and learn the art of keeping a positive attitude.

Impact of the Training

  • Communicate and convince better
  • Improve sensory acuity in order to read others better
  • Identify the criteria for decision making to guide the other person along the process
  • Develop mental and emotional agility
  • Help your customer by responding flexibly to objections and delivering outstanding customer service

The workshop by Impact-Pro was extremely useful, in particular to enhance our sales efforts and abilities. The subject knowledge of the presenter was vastly superior to others we have experienced in the past. We highly recommend Impact-Pro to all sales teams.