Quelle est la différence entre leadership et autorité ?

Leadership training

Il arrive assez fréquemment que l’on me demande la différence entre leadership et autorité. Aujourd’hui, l’autorité a du mal à s’imposer, que ce soit au sein de la famille ou de l’entreprise. Le leadership en revanche a beaucoup plus de succès. Je vous propose donc de découvrir ou redécouvrir la différence entre ces deux méthodes […]

Managing change, or managing continuity?

When it comes to change management, the only thing that is certain in life is that nothing is certain. And yet humans are naturally uncomfortable with uncertainty. Change inspires fear, and this is the emotion that causes us to seek refuge in the comfort of our habits. We reproduce what we know we can do, […]

Leadership for non-intuitive leaders

What do Winston Churchill, Gandhi and Steve Jobs have in common? They were all influential and inspiring leaders who, through their power of conviction and authenticity, were able to mobilize people around a common goal. There’s no question that leadership continues to be a hot topic in business. And who has not seen the plethora of […]