~ You must be and do, before ever having.


~ Transform adversity into success.


~ “I don’t have time” does have an antidote.

“Every day, many people wake up with the opportunity to redefine who they believe they are and who they want to become.

Their biggest challenge to materialize their vision lies in their perception of themselves and the world.

Choice is power.

Self-interpretation can either pull you forward or backward, so why not choose to fully live life rather than suffer from living a life of existence?

Success or failure, very often, the choice is right between our ears!

Farès Chmait

AWAKENER of HUMAN POTENTIAL for over than 25 years.

Motivated by a deep hunger for truth,

Fares Chmait has dedicated the last 25 years to AWAKENING HUMAN POTENTIAL.

Fares turns adversity into opportunity by applying his Post-Master’s training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and his experience working with international organizations in over 20 countries since 1986.

Dynamic and committed, Fares enables companies and individuals to achieve their goalsand gain mastery of their emotions through daily interactions.

A seasoned expert in emotional maturity, he gives his clients the tools to flourish personally and professionally.

“I aim for perfection, but all I get is excellence.” says Fares with a teasing smile. “Are you ready for some Mental Judo?”


Fares captures his clients with insightful stories from his vast experience in business -from petrol to diamonds; manufacturing to insurance, automotive to real estate, he brings true transformation that can be measured.

His unique approach contains a key element in management: the human factor. His expertise will enable you to understand why people do what they do, not what they are supposed to do.

Excel in business; succeed in life as you:

  • Learn to read & interpret non-verbal cues that will help you understand beyond the words
  • Gain better emotional intelligence through the Live Differently™ workshops
  • Master the art of negotiation, in the “Sell With Zero Resistance” course
  • Attain your required credits through accredited training
  • Influence and inspire your team with Leadership skills from the Work Differently™ workshops
  • Understand the deep structure of Language, with our unique ‘soul coaching’ known as “Ontological Coaching”


And Fares is a living example. As a visiting professor at the SchulichSchool of Business at York University and the John Molson Executive Centre, Fares shares his vast experience in the business world with key executives and managers.

Words, for me are sometimes lacking in sense. What does disrespectful really mean?

Nonetheless, he crafts his words flawlessly as a Practitioner to the core and a firm believer in his methodologies.

Fares is the author of numerous publications, including Beyond Selling (1995), which is recognized as one of the best works on applying new communications techniques to selling.

He’s also the author of Coupablesde réussir(2002), Conversations déterminantes(2012), and The Power of Decision (2012).

Experience the IMPACT-PRO shift, and achieve your greatest potential.

Get our unique strategies and influence with integrity for positive organizational change.


Get our unique strategies and influence with integrity for positive organizational change.

Communicate Differently™

Our trainers


Holding a major degree in Civil Engineering and a graduate of the Joint Command and Staff Programme of the Canadian Forces College, Louis Baril served in the Canadian Forces for 30 years. He shares his experience on the realities of adapting to unpredictability and the continuous pursuit of multiples priorities, according to organizational needs of a corporation’s staff and clients.

A proven natural leader recognized for his human and logical approach, he possesses various fields of expertise mainly focused on people, including: leadership, change management, performance management, ethics and crisis management. Foremost, Louis is an adviser in conflict management and an harassment investigator to the Ministry of Defense – a trend setter on the matter in Canada – and can help you develop tools to deal with the complex and significant challenges that conflicts can create in a work environment.


Doctor of Philosophy and experienced teacher with a pedagogical soul, Mr. Chbat’s favourite subject is Emotional Intelligence.

Mr. Chbat distinguishes himself by his disciplinary skills, talent as a communicator, and proximity to his audience. Known for his passion for work, Mr. Chbat is convinced that pleasure in work is a source of success, efficiency and growth. In an approach combining theory with practice, and reflection with exercises, he leads participants to accomplish their potential and discover the pleasure in work and life.

Joseph is the author of four substantial research reports, a large number of articles in education, and several philosophy scholar books.


Gaétan Cusson (CPA, CGA) has worked over the last 33 years in the logistics and distribution group of the renowned Metro grocery retailer, where he has held several management positions.

Positive that the quality of working relationships is a fundamental part of the equation that leads to business success, Gaétan Cusson has implemented a model for working relationships and negotiations, focused on problem solving and based on the interest of both parties. He has helped several managers to access executive and vice-presidential positions in different companies. His areas of expertise: team management, mobilization, motivation, listening and communication in action.


With a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in Industrial Relations, Pierre Duguay specializes in the management of corporate performance and internal communications.

His fields of expertise include the creation of training programs, the analysis of workstations and the distribution of responsibilities within an organization, along with the design, drafting and publication of employee manuals. A natural leader and seasoned communication, Pierre was the Director General of the Association des professionnels en ressources humaines du Québec from 1987 to 1994.

Employer representative on the Conseil régional des partenaires du marché du travail de l’île de Montréal of Emploi Québec and in charge of the Mon Emploi column in Saturday’s La Presse careers and professions section, Pierre is a key reference in the field of labour relations.


Jimmy Muyal has extensive experience in corporate training and events. Over the past 20 years, as a Director of Training for two major financial institutions, he has achieved a broad range of mandates, including: customer creation and retention, sales growth, and retirement-related negotiations and planning. His strong organizational skills have enabled him to become a leader in the delivery of corporate events.

Jimmy Muyal holds a graduate-level degree in business management from HEC in France. He has also worked as an accredited financial planning and life insurance specialist. He has authorized multiple courses and presentations, particularly in the areas of sales, negotiations and retirement planning.


Whether the focus is Leadership, Emotional Intelligence or Performance, Lino Plescia brings to the coaching industry his natural ability to work with others, while facilitating change and evoking transformation from within.

He is one who leads by example while helping others obtain what they truly want to achieve. As an Ironman athlete who has competed in several Ironman Triathlon races across North America, Lino brings his sense of commitment and dedication to the workplace; transferring this positive energy to his clients.

Lino is a Certified Professional and Personal Coach. With a background from McGill University in Management and Computer Based information systems, he has been working in the technology industry for the last 20 years involved in management, training and mentoring across North America and parts of Europe.


Jessy Riel began her career in the field of counseling in 2010 as a psychosocial worker and expert trainer in mental health. In 2018, wishing to carry out interventions on a larger scale, she founded Ax Conseil, a company whose mission is to support managers and their teams in positively addressing human, relational and organizational challenges by combining mental health, caring and healthy performance.

Today, she is recognized as an expert in psychological health and organizational wellness. She intervenes in companies as a trainer, advisor, coach, Profil Nova consultant and certified Coaching Ourselves facilitator, on top of enjoying writing articles as a columnist for Henkel Media.

She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma in Management Consulting, a multidisciplinary Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Criminology, and Mental Health, and a certification in Transformational Coaching. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Her rich academic and professional background gives her a solid expertise in the field of emotional intelligence, human relations, interpersonal communication, mental health, leadership, and management. 

Jessy Riel is known for her deeply human, warm and sincere approach, her authenticity, her dynamism, her open-mindedness and her communication skills. Her main strengths are her ability to quickly grasp a complex issue that can be both human and organizational, and to accurately come up with accessible, healthy solutions that are perfectly aligned with her clients’ needs and values. The changes she brings about with agility are ecological, beneficial, and sustainable.

She has been part of the Impact-Pro team for two years now.


Senior organizational consultant working with global C-level teams. Expert in Management & Teams development processes for scaling-up companies with wide experience with the Hi-Tech, Bio-Tech and Telecom industries.

After escorting and consulting for dozens of startups and scaling-up organizations in the last 15 years, Oren brings to the table a deep understanding and experience of what can boost and fail organizations during the process of transformation.
Oren holds a BA in Physics and Philosophy, an organizational consultant diploma on behalf of the Adler Institute and certified coach by the ICF.