Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

Warren Bennis

Every company needs a leader who will bring them to the next level.

Are you that leader? What would it take for you to have true influence and impact on the future well-being of your organization?

Become the legacy they need.

Leadership is one of the most important challenges facing canadian companies today. From head offices in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver there is a consistent message: the shortage of leadership talent is a constraint on growth.

Leadership development training helps companies thrive.

Impact-Pro is engaged with leading canadian corporations in delivering leadership training.

Our courses support the growth of the internal talent pool by giving managers the tools to become more effective leaders.

Our leadership curriculum includes change management, communication skills, and conflict

Graduates of our training programs can be found in the executive ranks at Petro Canada, Molson Breweries, and Jean Coutu.

Ignite the leader within you.

Leadership is a broad set of abilities encompassing communications, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, as well as management skills.

The Impact-Pro leadership curriculum addresses these key elements, and is designed to integrate into your corporate training programs.
If you don’t like the result, change the method.

Develop a leadership program for your managers by defining these key steps:

  1. Determine the ideal leadership style for your company
  2. Identify current and potential leaders within the company
  3. Identify leadership gaps
  4. Develop a skills list for future leaders
  5. Identify the training requirements to support the skills
  6. Develop a training program
  7. Develop retention programs for current and future leaders

L'atelier d'Impact-Pro a été extrêmement utile, en particulier pour améliorer nos efforts et nos capacités de vente. La connaissance du sujet par le présentateur était largement supérieure à d'autres que nous avons connus dans le passé. Nous recommandons vivement Impact-Pro à toutes les équipes de vente.


Join us and immerse yourself in Fares Chmait’s decades of experience working with corporate leaders around the world.

Hundreds of companies have benefited from our leadership teachings, including:

  • Managing change through continuity
  • Leading teams with synergy
  • Influencing through the integrity of language used
  • Channel & anticipate conflict-resolution
  • Leading effective meetings
  • Listen beyond the spoken words: the power of non-verbal