Time Management & Priorities – Gain An Extra Hour Per Day – Accredited by OACIQ – 5 CEU



When you feel that the weight of your workload and lack of time are crushing you, Impact-Pro’s time management training gives you the techniques you need to change your behaviour to help you develop new productivity habits: prioritize, delegate, and consciously control your workload.

Participants will be able to recognize the symptoms and causes of time-management problems, implement appropriate solutions, be more efficient and productive, and make a tangible contribution to their organization.


Through our training on time and priority management, participants learn how to maximize their time by:

  • being aware of their environment
  • using the right tools
  • knowing how to coordinate their priorities
  • understanding the reasons for procrastination
  • by redefining the notion of pleasure at work


Thus, they will be able to recognize the symptoms and causes of time management problems, implement appropriate solutions, identify time wasters and make them profitable.

Participants will receive a questionnaire to assess their current activities and their challenges. It is a tool for personal reflection to allow participants to make concrete links between theory and their current management. This training will therefore allow you to learn how to better plan and organize your workdays, to better control your schedule, to use communication tools effectively and to become more efficient for yourself and for your employees and colleagues.

In This Training

  • Awareness of productivity behaviours and barriers
  • Adopt proactive people practices
  • Proper use of time management tools and priorities
  • The S.M.A.R.T.A. approach to setting objectives

Impact of This Training

  • Know how to prioritize high-return activities and eliminate time-wasters
  • When to delegate, and when not to
  • Understand the reasons for procrastination
  • Redefine the concept of fun at work
  • Know your productive periods, according to biological rhythms
  • Anticipate and plan realistically achievable activities
  • Choose priorities and mobilize resources effectively


* Personalized follow-up coaching is available to strengthen the implementation of new habits.