Ontological Coaching


Michael Jordan was cut from his high school’s basketball team because his coach felt he didn’t have the talent. Luckily, another coach discerned his unique skills and untapped potential. Walt Disney was fired from his first job in a regional newspaper for lack of creativity. Did his supervisors doubt his creative potential, miss seeing his unique talents, or was he simply too creative for that type of job?

Would you be able to recognize the next Jordan or Disney if he were a member of your team? Could you afford to lose a person like them? Ontological coaching helps develop the insight and sensory acuity necessary to foster emerging talent.

Our intensive curriculum in ontological coaching will help you cultivate and take full advantage of the talents and unique skills of your team, manage their performance, and use your leadership position and skills to initiate change, influence behaviour and contribute to the growth of enterprises. You will be able to discern potential, understand unspoken communication, and foster collaborative work skills.

In This Training

  • Linguistic toolbox to uncover human potential
  • Transform paradigms: Discover. Unlock. Transform.
  • Transform interpretations
  • Interviewing techniques (the art of questioning without judging)
  • Issue clear and engaging directives
  • Coordinate actions
  • The coaching of Socrates
  • Mentoring and shadowing
  • Practical exercises and self-coaching

Impact of This Training

  • Develop your emotional maturity and that of your team members
  • Learn to redefine your limits and those of others, in order to escape traditional, predefined framing
  • Release your unique potential and that of others
  • Learn a management style designed to generate results

This program is essential for all managers who seek to empower their team members and actively grow their organizations.

What our clients are saying

“The most motivational presenter. The modules will help us better coach our teams. A total mastery of the subject. He knew how to motivate the team to apply his teachings. Excellent choice. Excellent trainer. He succeeded in keeping our total attention all day. Interactive, dynamic, and the learnings will be applicable everyday.” Institue de Leadership members