The strength of character and emotional intelligence to face your failures and learn from them are at the core of success.

Robert T. Kiyosaki

Emotional intelligence is directly related to success or failure.

And since we can’t ignore our emotions, we may as well manage them. This strength of character makes all the difference in the outcomes we get.

Unleash your full potential today.

Why are some individuals able to “read” their clients so well, or stay composed even in extremely stressful situations? Psychologists have the answer: it all comes down to your capacity to process emotional information and react appropriately to it: it’s called Emotional Intelligence.

Used well, it has tremendous positive impact on our personal and professional lives, influencing how we interact with others, and fostering better communication among teams.

How have others benefited from our courses?

L'atelier d'Impact-Pro a été extrêmement utile, en particulier pour améliorer nos efforts et nos capacités de vente. La connaissance du sujet par le présentateur était largement supérieure à d'autres que nous avons connus dans le passé. Nous recommandons vivement Impact-Pro à toutes les équipes de vente.


Gain the capacity to distinguish & manage emotions.

Whether your own, or those of others, it is proven that people with high emotional intelligence are able to solve a variety of emotion-related problems.

This encompasses three distinct skill sets: the ability to identify, evaluate, and control emotions in yourself and others.

Turn conflicts into healthy relationships.

To live differently means embracing your emotions and, therefore, be better equipped to manage them.

Our programs will enable you to:

  • Manage internal dialogue
  • Keeping a positive mindset
  • Strengthen motivation
  • Understand the nature and power of emotions
  • Create stability points within instability
  • Gain stress-management techniques
  • Inspire change & live differently