Develop Emotional Intelligence


This training invites participants to explore the basic principles of emotional intelligence.

Some people have the privilege of benefiting from high emotional intelligence in a natural and intrinsic way. For these individuals, the ability to accurately assess, express, and regulate their emotions is innate. For many of us, however, our emotional intelligence needs to be developed. Fortunately, there are psychological and physical tools that we can use in order to better manage our emotions.

In this course, we will look at ways to increase our emotional intelligence and the aptitudes needed to become more aware of our emotions and our “inner-speech”. Participants will learn how to examine their own thoughts and develop the skills necessary to succeed in coping with internal and external pressures.

Core Content

  • Architecture of the human brain
  • History of emotional intelligence
  • The nature and power of emotions
  • Harmonization of the rational and irrational
  • Create stability points within instability
  • Become the observer of your own thoughts and emotions
  • Faced with a difficult situation, do we react by choice or by reflex?
  • Stress-management techniques

At the end of this training, participants will understand the importance of emotional intelligence, and have knowledge of the neurological and physiological foundations of IE. Participants will also gain personal insight into their emotional competencies, and have the tools and techniques needed to increase their IE faculty.

Impact of the Training

  • Self-esteem: Turn adversity into opportunity
  • Understanding the impact of emotions on communication, behaviour and decisions
  • Increased intelligence and emotional maturity
  • Effective management of your emotions and those of others

* Additional coaching is available to strengthen the implementation of the learned material.