Unleash Your Full Potential


Being an accomplished person involves more than an admirable track record or exemplary ethical behaviour. How well we understand ourselves is at the core of how well we manage our emotions. Self-awareness allows us to recognize our strengths and our limitations, which, in turn, gives us control over our emotions. When we make our emotions our allies, we are better equipped to make sound decisions, manage our responsibilities, and face difficult challenges successfully.

Through this training, we will expand on course material discussed in VIV 301 (a prerequisite for this course). You will be offered a range of practical tools to help you develop your EI, “reprogram your internal GPS”, and manage your emotions so that you can accomplish your goals.

Core Content

  • Manage your internal dialogue and make it your ally
  • The school of life: 10 essential rules for humans
  • Develop 6 key skills: self-awareness, perseverance, confidence, motivation, empathy and adaptability
  • Yesterday ended at midnight! Learn to erase the memory of unnecessary emotional memories
  • The elements and components of a positive and dynamic mindset
  • Initiate and maintain motivation throughout a project
  • Follow the path of the hero for sustainable transformation

At the end of this training, participants will have advanced awareness of their strengths and will have identified strategic areas for improvement. Participants will also learn how to incorporate new ways of thinking and behaving in their daily lives with the aim of creating a positive and effective mindset. Finally, they will have the opportunity to interpret their vision of success, and set an action plan for their ongoing development.

Impact of the Training

  • Deep knowledge of yourself and others to effectively manage emotions in difficult situations
  • Know how to build a personal mission
  • How to gain the choice and freedom to act or react
  • The power charisma

* Additional coaching is available to strengthen the implementation of the learned material. Contact us today!