What our clients are saying...


Fares you are amazing. Thanks for making a difference in my life professionally.

Store Manager, RONA


Thank you for your participation at the Congrès des cadres de Groupe Canam. We have received many positive comments on your presentation, and the subject matter was deeply appreciated by participants.

Groupe Canam


The training provided by Mr. Chmait was a source of motivation and challenge to us, helping us to unify our sales strategy to both external and internal clients.

Groupe Lacasse


The workshop by Impact-Pro was extremely useful, in particular to enhance our sales efforts and abilities. The subject knowledge of the presenter was vastly superior to others we have experienced in the past. We highly recommend Impact-Pro to all sales teams.



We highly recommend Impact-Pro to all sales teams. When put into practice these tools deliver results. We recommend Mr. Chmait for his expertise, his passion for his subjects and the humor when he delivers the material.

Emploi Québec


The most motivational presenter. The modules will help us better coach our teams. A total mastery of the subject. He knew how to motivate the team to apply his teachings. Excellent choice. Excellent trainer. He succeeded in keeping our total attention all day. Interactive, dynamic, and the learnings will be applicable everyday.

Institue de Leadership members


Mr. Chmait is an expert in his field. He knows how to convey knowledge in a whole new, more efficient and interesting, way. The breadth of his experience makes learning from him much more dynamic. And his numerous real-life examples make understanding the material so much easier.

Molson Breweries


Very dynamic and interesting, [Fares Chmait] gives examples that are useful in the real world.

Johnson Controls, Inc.


You changed the lives of the people here!

Union des producteurs agricoles


Your talents as a communicator were appreciated by all here. Your presentation skills are so dynamic that we could not help but be interested and attentive, even when the subject area was by nature somewhat dry. With your energetic and engaging manner, you held the interest of all participants

École professionnelle de Saint-Hyacinthe


Mr. Farès Chmait is an excellent communicator. What we learned was useful in our daily lives as well as at work, and in our personal and social relations.

Société de développement de l’avenue du Mont-Royal

Emplois et solidarité Québec

First of all, I would like to thank you for the high-quality training that you offered us in 2024. Your expertise, generosity, and teaching style made it of great interest and great learning. Twenty years later, your training still stands out!

Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale