Conflict Resolution


Conflict is inevitable, but when well-managed conflict can actually positively impact professional dynamics.

Managers spend more than a quarter of their time dealing with conflict. In this training we offer practical and effective tools to address and eliminate discord at work. By acting on the factors that create and escalate conflict, you will also see how to avoid pitfalls before they occur and take advantage of complementary personalities of team members. We will also help you better define the expectations and individual needs of your people, to create a motivating environment that stimulates productive interaction.

In This Training

  • Know the warning signs to identify misunderstandings and their causes and effects
  • Learn to elicit cooperation
  • Recognize the social styles: dominant, logical, amiable, and social
  • Be aware of what each person brings to a situation of conflict
  • Resolve conflict objectively and constructively
  • Develop flexibility with the different perceptual positions
  • Develop strategies to deal with difficult people
  • Plan better conflict-resolution strategies

Impact of This Training

  • Analyze conflict in context for better understanding of issues
  • Develop and conduct affirmative language
  • Communicate differently to effectively manage conflict in situations of increasing complexity

At the end of this training, you will have developed a better understanding of your colleagues and how they deal with conflict. It is possible to use conflict to advance professional progress!