Mobilizing the Individual and the Team


“Alone, we go faster; together we go further!”
– African proverb

Since prehistoric times, when humans banded together to hunt, we have always combined our strengths and resources to achieve together what they could not do alone. How is it that today in many organizations that joint spirit no longer exists?

Impact-Pro shares with you the best approaches to encourage the pooling of skills in an environment where everyone feels valued, respected and committed to their colleagues, as they jointly aim to achieve corporate goals.

In This Training

  • Recognize functional versus dysfunctional behaviours
  • Develop a common language and a common goal
  • Tools that facilitate the mobilization and commitment of individuals
  • The foundations of belonging
  • Mobilize the individual in the team and the team in the organization

Impact of This Training

  • Develop a shared leadership
  • Ability to work productively with different personality types
  • Learn to work collectively to achieve the corporate vision