4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Work

how to increase work efficiency

Do you sometimes start your day equipped with a long, but manageable checklist of things to do and with the best intentions to get it all done, yet you soon find yourself focusing on seemingly urgent situations and distractions instead? If you feel that most of your work days quickly turn into a race against […]

Why Am I Always Late?

How to be on time

Discover the Real Reasons Why You Are Perpetually Late and How to Fix Them We all experienced those bad days, when you get a flat tire right before an important meeting. You finally show up, wide-eyed and out of breath, and as you apologize for your tardiness, you realize that you forgot your presentation documents […]

Get Things Done, Stop Multitasking!

Professional efficiency

How Multitasking Stifles Productivity Some people pride themselves on being gifted multitaskers, boasting their ability to complete several tasks at the same time. In a world where everyone wants more in less time, multitasking could seem like the ultimate answer to productivity and work efficiency. However, most of the time, multitasking does more bad than […]

Gestion des priorités : êtes-vous ou avez-vous un « Monkey Manager »?

Gestion et leadership formation

« Si vous faites le travail de deux personnes ou plus, il y a de fortes chances que l’une d’elles se rapporte à vous », a dit William Oncken, l’auteur de Managing Management Time: Who’s Got the Monkey?, célèbre ouvrage de culture managériale qui, à l’aide de l’analogie des singes sur le dos, illustre à merveille la […]

Gain an extra hour a day with these amazing techniques

Ah! Time management! In the fall, many people find they’re engaging in a race against time as they take on new projects, a new job or new clients, and try to balance work and family life… the whirlwind of life becomes work. If you are finding yourself buried by a frantic pace, are stressed and […]

Time Management:  Two revelations to change your life!

Lack of time is an evil in our century, especially in North America. We spend much of our life feeling like we’re running against the clock. About 31 percent of people described most days as quite stressful or extremely stressful, according to Statistics Canada. 34% of people reported feeling trapped in a daily routine and 38% […]