Intergenerational and Intercultural Communication


“If you differ from me, my brother, far from hurting me, you enrich me.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

New realities are emerging in the labour market, thanks to the retirement of baby boomers and the subsequent loss of their wealth of knowledge, as well as the addition of graduates equipped with new techniques and collaborators from around the world. Similarly, new global client markets present unique cultural differences to consider.

Whether nationally or internationally, for companies to grow they must know how to communicate with and leverage a rich and varied spectrum of people and cultures, and to successfully bridge any differences.

In This Training

  • Promoting harmonious and mutually beneficial communication
  • Valuing individual contributions by facilitating the integration and transfer of knowledge
  • Demystifying values, properties, and working perceptions of different generations and cultures

Impact of This Training

  • Know the approach and techniques that encourage knowledge sharing within a diverse organization
  • Acknowledge differences and find benefit in them (values, cultures, perspectives, etc.)
  • Understand that there is more than one truth