6 Ways To Unlock Your Full Potential



First, it is important to make a distinction between productivity and performance.

Productivity is defined in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. It is the actions that we take in a repetitive manner in a given context and time to achieve an objective.

Performance is defined by regularly pushing our limits. It is a matter of developing the know-how and the know how to be to exceed our objectives. It is a process of continuous and endless improvement during which we discover new interpretations of ourselves while gaining in creativity, efficiency and output.

Until now, our economic system was mainly based on the principle of productivity, in order to remain competitive in the markets and generate more and more profits. Such pressure causes a lot of stress, anxiety, and even depression among managers and employees alike. If we compare this principle of productivity with that of performance, we realize that performance, as defined, leads more often and more quickly to sustainable success, well-being and happiness.


Competition is a rivalry that involves two or more parties fighting for the same goal, the victory of one meaning automatically the failure of the other. Triumph over the other, defeat him, crush him. If competition is a rivalry, it is therefore in opposition to the principle of collaboration and continuous growth.

When it comes to unleashing one’s full potential, the only competition worth having is the one we have with ourselves. Indeed, identifying our limits in order to push them, to improve, to evolve, to grow, to give the best of ourselves, this is what should really give meaning to what we are/do!

And this should also be promoted within our companies! In addition to establishing a healthy climate in our work environments, this would encourage the different stakeholders to always give the best of themselves rather than trying to extract the best from their entourage.


What differentiates those who can unleash their full potential from those who cannot?

Attitude (or mindset) plays a crucial role between success and defeat, between defeat and learning. When we talk about mindset, we are talking about the mainframe computer that we received without any instructions and that is not very user-friendly, the mental image we have of ourselves as a result of our past experiences, our emotions, the matrix in which we live, the beliefs we have developed about ourselves.

Discover here 6 ways (out of 12) that can help you start the process of unlocking your full potential.

1) An attitude of openness

How ready are you to release your potential?

Start by getting to know yourself. When I ask people who they are, most of the time they define themselves by their profession. You are much more than what you do! You have emotions, but you are not your emotions. You have a body, but you are not your body. So, who are you?

Then, become aware of your talents and your inner gifts, and make them bear fruit to live fully what you have chosen to live.

2) A transcendent passion

Passion refers to the flame that drives you and what makes you tick. It is a state of intense commitment that demands the best of you. It requires you to be in tune with who you think you are, what you are, what you do, what you say, what you think, and what you feel.

3) Mental and emotional agility

Mental and emotional agility brings a flexibility that allows you to learn along the way, to change your mind, to receive feedback to correct your course, to bend without breaking.

4) Acceptance of evolution

Self-actualized people are adept at change and evolution – can we evolve without changing? They capitalize on continuous improvement, they initiate and welcome change as a source of creativity, a new opportunity, a challenge, and an adventure.

5) Resilience

Resilience is about never admitting defeat. It turns every experience of falling into a simple misstep and learning experience, and nothing more. When you are resilient, obstacles don’t sap your energy, but help to unlock your full potential. Obstacles even become a source of stimulation, as they provide an opportunity for new potential to emerge.

6) Discipline

This is an attitude that consists in keeping going until you have overcome barriers and constraints.

Optimism without discipline is useless.


When you enter the zone (or flow) where potentials are unleashed, you usually become so engaged, so absorbed, and so lost in performance that you lose track of the world, time, others, and even yourself. In those moments, when you are “in the zone”, things “flow”. It is this experience of the flow state that facilitates the release of your potential.  

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