Change your future with coaching

Change your future with coaching   Today, coaching is all we hear about. Every week, a new approach makes the headlines. New gurus impose themselves. Fads are spreading. Far from being a simple trend, coaching has become essential, especially in the business world. The art of developing the professional and intellectual potential of human beings […]

Stress & Priority Management for Optimal Performance

I don’t have any stress at all. I have some stress, but I don’t need more. I have a lot of stress doing my job. I have a lot of stress dealing with my boss I have a lot of stress in my personal life (better half, kids, home maintenance, etc.) OMG! – My stress […]

Labour Retention During a Shortage

One million. That’s the number of vacancies in Canada as of April 2022, according to Statistics Canada, i.e. an increase of 40% over the previous year. Whether in construction, insurance, finance, the scientific and professional sectors, or even in government, no field is spared by the labour shortage. In such a context, how do we […]

How to Practice Mental Hygiene

We live in exciting times where uncertainty is present, and changes are rapidly happening. While many may perceive chaos and ambiguity, others may see evolution and growth. The anatomy of character, whom we have become and whom we believe we are, our past and our interpretation of ourselves and others, can often result in situations […]

Are you a manager or a leader ?

Nowadays, most companies in North America are over-managed and under-led. Despite all the books published on management and leadership, few leaders have developed the ability to combine these two skills. We often think – wrongly – that a manager is de facto a leader. However, the notion of leadership is different from the notion of […]

4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Work

how to increase work efficiency

Do you sometimes start your day equipped with a long, but manageable checklist of things to do and with the best intentions to get it all done, yet you soon find yourself focusing on seemingly urgent situations and distractions instead? If you feel that most of your work days quickly turn into a race against […]

What Can I Bring to my Team?

Evaluating Competencies to Enhance Your Leadership Skills Over the past few years, business leaders have certainly faced a number of challenges, from adapting to managing a remote workforce, to mobilizing teams amidst uncertainties related to the pandemic, war and global talent shortage to name a few.  Being a manager is no longer just about assigning […]

What is Shared Leadership?

Leadership training

EVOLUTION OF LEADERSHIP Leadership… Here is a term that is more and more used everydayPeople often confuse “leadership” with “authority”, “position”, “title”. Nowadays, even though authority is rather badly perceived, the notion of leadership, on the other hand, is still quite popular. According to the online dictionary,, leadership is an anglicism that means “function”, […]

What Is Resilience and How to Develop It?

Professional and business training

Have you ever heard of the word “resilience”? WHAT IS RESILIENCE? In the Larousse dictionary, resilience is described as follows  The resistance of a material to impact or break  The ability of an individual to survive despite traumatic circumstances  The ability of a group of individuals to recover after a disaster The ability of a […]

How to Use Positive Language

Business communication training

The Power of Having a Positive Attitude You walk into the office on a rainy Tuesday morning. All is still quiet, except you hear your colleague is already typing at her keyboard. As you take off your damp jacket, you ask her how she is and, with a large smile, she turns to you and […]