“After meeting three psychologists, you’re the only one who gave me a ‘slap’ to wake me up.” That’s what one of our clients told me after I asked her a shocking question during one of our sessions. The client in question was discussing her recent tendency towards unsuccessful intimate relationships when I asked her: “Do you love yourself?” Rather than talking about others and focusing on their actions, I opened her eyes to what was wrong with her self-esteem. A year later, she’s back with a very positive assessment, and not the least. I’ll let you judge for yourself… A year later I’m back in your inbox, with a very positive review. In May/June 2021, I moved to Orlando for work and also took over my boss’s duties during his paternity leave. Following this assignment, I was flagged “high-potential” within the company and applied for another type of in-house position, which I got and started in September. In October, I was finally able to buy the condo I’d been waiting 3 years for, almost to the penny. It appeared as if by magic and the whole transaction went perfectly. A real godsend. In December, my new boss asked me to replace him for at least 4 months while he took on an assignment to work on another important project.  I also had a “test of the universe” about my emotions. Same as last year, a car rental company overcharged me. This time, for one day of rental too many. Last year, I had literally let my anger explode way beyond context, and it had made me question myself. This year, I picked up the phone, calmly explained the situation, and the person reimbursed me without question. It’s night and day compared to last year. All this (increasing professional responsibilities, buying a condo, solving problems, assertiveness, etc.) is made possible by my completely changed emotional management. It’s changing my life. Slowly but surely, another reality is taking shape. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m sure that things are going in the right direction now. I can’t thank you enough for the time you’ve given me, which has really helped me to move on to another level in my life.  Have a nice Sunday! Caroline


Respectfully and lovingly, we need to get people to see things differently. Rather than mirroring the other person’s thoughts, tactfully challenging them on their own ideas is often beneficial. This new self-interpretation allows us to become what we want and can be, to grow, and to feel better about ourselves. So, whether you want to learn to communicate differently™, work differently™ or live differently™, or manage your emotions to better unleash your potential, don’t wait any longer and take some actions! E-mail: To help you: Personalized Coaching Communicate differently Work differently Live differently