Aiming for excellence? Then get out of your comfort zone!


When I meet people who rationalize against change by saying, “we have always worked that way,” I see before them a solid virtual wall, which prevents them from achievement and excellence in life. This wall has a name: comfort zone.

In life, everything changes. The world, relationships, technology, science … EVERYTHING. By contrast, our instinct as individuals is to want to continue existence as we know it, day after day.

We are limited by our inner voice, the central ‘computer’ that controls mental images and paradigms, because while that voice can help us  push the boundaries of the possible, it’s hampered by our natural aversion to discomfort, the unknown and possible failure.

Break the routine and get out of your comfort zone

Routine is comfortable, right? It’s calming and nice to have that impression of being in control. Would you be surprised to learn that it’s the interpretation of your life that you control when you act this way? Routine is nothing but a concept which assimilates over time, out of laziness or fear of innovation and risk. We all have the potential to become excellent at something. And, believe me, success is more exhilarating than comfort.

Why be just fine when you could be excellent? When you are secretly jealous of a person, it’s certainly not because they are average.

A change in perspective is crucial

People who are successful have one thing in common: They aren’t content with what is acceptable, normal or comfortable. They seek preeminence, and to reach it they take risks and put themselves at risk; basically, they dare to break routine.

Successful people thrive on objectives (the S.M.A.R.T.A. matrix, taught at Impact-Pro, is a key tool). Their goals are certainly achievable, but these people also constantly venture out of their comfort zone because they know that it can be paralyzing. Inaction is the sworn enemy of excellence and success.

What are you afraid of when you stay within the confines of your comfort zone? Write down the apprehensions that are blocking you. Then, analyze and dissect these fears. This challenge will require that you become aware of your self-sabotage patterns and have a willingness to change your perspective in order to get out of your comfort zone.

Stop being a spectator in your life; be the main actor! As when Sinatra sang “I did it my way,” you need to find the path to fully live the life you want. Commit yourself to the impossible (or to the near-impossible), because here because here nothing is set in stone!

Achieving success is a step-by-step process

You’re dreaming right now, aren’t you? Let me pull you out of your fantasies, because it’s easy to want things that are bigger than life. I’m not saying big dreams are unattainable; it’s just better to take small steps. Think macro, act micro.

No one becomes a marathon runner overnight; you must train, persevere and set goals that, over time, become achievable. Slowly but surely.

Do as those who lead an extraordinary life do: pursue adventure. You’ll see, magic always happens outside of the comfort zone.

The Impact-Pro team