How A Good Mix of Empathy And Assertiveness Will Help You Close More Deals

Selling with empathy

Many articles have been written about what makes a good salesperson. However, we are not interested in good, we are interested in great; and what makes a great salesperson is an equal dose of empathy and assertiveness. Here’s why.  What is Empathy Empathy is defined as: “the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences […]

How to Retain Customers and Beat the Competition: 5 Rules

Do you know what your customers really want? It is important that you and your team have a deep understanding of their ‘wants’ because this will guide how you service them. And, at the same, time will dictate your longevity as an organization. “Mass advertising can help build brands, but authenticity is what makes them […]

You Must Appeal to 3 Things in Order to Sell

How can you sell more? You need to sell better. To do this, you must engage the heart (emotional side), the head (rational side) and the portfolio (materialistic side) of a customer, while building a strong relationship with him. The proposal that you make must appeal to all 3 facets in order to close the […]

Handling objections in sales

Do you get the cold sweats when someone objects or says “no” during the sales process? If so, you’re not alone; handling objections in sales is one of the hardest techniques to master. Let’s you meet a potential client. From the point of first contact, you sense he will be “difficult.” His body language radiates […]

Improve sales techniques through training

ideal learning tactics business

Are you missing out on business opportunities? Do you feel sometimes as if you’re operating on autopilot in your sales career? You may believe your techniques are effective and that you’ve learned all the ropes. The reality, however, is that even experienced sales people should shake up their methods once in a while. If you […]