Learn how to create and deliver compelling messages that address the mind, the heart, and the wallet, in order to sell your ideas with minimal resistance. Get what you want while giving others what they really want, too.

Do you know that outstanding communicators and negotiators are strategic and well prepared, and find ways to achieve win/win results in almost any situation?
We have helped thousands of people develop these skills, and we can help you too!

To efficiently influence with integrity, you must first go within: manage your emotions, be fully aware of your internal dialogue and make sure it’s supporting your conversations, not sabotaging yourself. In other words, by practicing “mental hygiene” to develop healthy thoughts and transform paradigms, you’re propelling your will power and determination, thus supporting your ambitions. In business, as in your personal life.

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • Decipher the deep structure of language
  • Capture the unsaid but communicated; anything communicated through gestures, body language and facial expressions (even on video conference calls)
  • Negotiate win/win outcomes
  • Detect subtle, yet obvious, personal clues that reveal the other person’s interests and what their decision-making process looks like
  • Understand the impact of words and integrate their power into your message
  • Acquire practical and effective tools to adjust your approach according to the different signals communicated nonverbally
  • Develop your ability to speak with ease
  • Turn difficult or deadlocked conversations around
  • Successfully handle difficult people in challenging situations
  • Master the power of establishing rapport


To persuade, do not insist.
Analyze and react strategically. Influencing is a process, not an event or an act. During the process, you involve and engage the other person, so they voluntarily commit.
To achieve your goal, as in any process, you must follow different steps so the experience is beneficial for all parties, once the process is complete.
When mastered, a favorable outcome is inevitable for both sides.