We don’t always get what we deserve, we only get what we negotiate.


How good are you as a negotiator? What do you hate the most in a negotiation?

What are the traps in a negotiation? Why do you miss opportunities?

We negotiate all the time, whenever you are facing a situation and you want to get something from someone that is in control of it, you must give that someone good reasons why they should say yes!

The 3 Steps of Negotiating

  • Listen to the other party’s explicit goals, and explore any implicit goals, establish their criteria and yours.
  • Collect the information you need about the interlocutor’s needs and wants, make sure to find out why they want it, always get to the reason behind the reason. You never have too much information.
  • Find common grounds. Work together to identify the win/win spot. Remember the shame if you ask is less than if you don’t.

Devote enough time for each step.

Let’s look at Henry’s story; he is an engineer and he patented an engine that works on solar energy.

He mandated a serious group to do the market research and it’s proven that there is a market for such an engine, and there is lots of money to be made: 10 million dollars within the first 7 years.

Henry needs one million dollars to get a prototype out. He approaches Mr. Big Bucks, and explains to him his credentials, he shares with him the very serious market research and he promises Mr. Big Bucks a 49% R.O.I.  from the 10 million dollars the next 7 or 8 years. What are his chances to get a yes?

Well, it all depends on Mr. Big Bucks core interest today. If he believes that his fortune is well invested, and he is not interested in gadgets it’s a no go. But if and when Henry finds out that he really cares about ecology, oh now he will add some leverage on the financial aspect of ROI. But what if Mr. Big Bucks doesn’t care about ecology, is Henry done? No, if he can find out what moves Mr. Big Bucks and it could be having his face on the time magazine cover page!

Information is the real power in negotiation.

Prepare Yourself

By having a clear objective and the knowledge of what your minimum threshold is, that is a good start.Getting ready is also knowing about your interlocutor and / or the organization, in order to build a supported, credible and clear thinking and argumentation.

Communicate Differently

Negotiating is not only about great monologues and well-rounded speeches to convince your interlocutor. It’s rather about using the right leverage ate the right time. Asking the right and well-structured questions and certainly listening beyond the spoken words is crucial for a win/win outcome.

To help you master the S.P.I.N. approach, Impact Pro offers you effective training to enable you to sell your ideas with zero resistance and getting your black belt practicing Mental Judo.

Think Win/Win

Discover what would be the positive outcome common to both parties. Each side feel they won something, but more importantly, all will feel that their point of view has been taken into consideration. To achieve this, pay attention to the suggestions, alternative strategies and compromises set out in the discussions.

The agreement is the result of a real consideration of the points of view and the interests of each one. It is therefore important for everyone involved to keep an open mind in order to generate acceptable solutions, while still effectively clarifying objectives, intentions and individual understandings throughout the process until reaching a common ground.

Establishing a structured process to assist you in your negotiations can only be beneficial, regardless of the situation in which you will be called upon to negotiate: international affairs, legal system, the government, industrial disputes, dysfunctional personal or family relationships, sales, etc. Finally, negotiating is a necessary skill in your daily life and can be an asset for everyone when we need to resolve a conflict or issue. It is now up to you to appropriate this art by giving it a personal touch.