Time And Priority Management

  Life is time, and time is life. There is a great poverty in North America: time poverty. And if people aren’t aware that time is the most precious resource a human being has in his life, they will never be able to manage their time or their priorities. Even if you have all the […]


Baby-boomers, generation X-Y-Z, etc. When different generations feel confined to the workplace, we’re witnessing an authentic generation clash. This is the major challenge facing Canadian companies and institutions nowadays. Each generation has its own values and ambitions. Whereas for the older generation, it was all about work, work, work, and starting a family was a […]

How to Use Positive Language

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The Power of Having a Positive Attitude You walk into the office on a rainy Tuesday morning. All is still quiet, except you hear your colleague is already typing at her keyboard. As you take off your damp jacket, you ask her how she is and, with a large smile, she turns to you and […]

Can the Way You Communicate Derail Your Career?

Communication management

Discover the 4 Major Don’ts of Communication Most people think that career advancement is only associated with professional experience and education. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. How you behave and, especially, how you communicate can determine your success.  Unfortunately, effective communication courses are not a part of most education programs, although they […]

How to communicate well at work, in any circumstance ?

Often, communication is the key to good interpersonal relationships and the success of common projects and goals within a company. You have to know not only how to adapt to your colleagues and employers, but also have instinct when it comes to communicating with someone. You certainly already have delivered a message believing that it […]

Read body language to uncover a lie

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“…No mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore,” believed Sigmund Freud. In fact, our bodies can often ‘speak’ for us more strongly than our words do. Non-verbal communication (including body language and the tone, rhythm and rate of our […]

Deux indices du langage non verbal qui en disent long sur l’autre

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« Aucun mortel ne peut garder de secret. Si ses lèvres sont silencieuses, il jacasse avec le bout des doigts; la trahison suinte par chaque pore de sa peau », disait Sigmund Freud. De fait, le corps parle plus « fort » que les mots. Le langage non verbal – donc le langage du corps et le paraverbal […]

Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating

“Hell is other people,” Jean-Paul Sartre famously said. Do you blame others when you experience communication problems, when your message is not understood? “He didn’t understand, but I think I was being very clear!” “How many times do I have to tell him the same thing?” These are examples of blaming another in order to […]

Parler en public! J’aimerais mieux mourir

« D’après la plupart des études, la peur nº 1 des gens est parler en public. La nº 2 est la mort. La mort, en 2e position. Ça vous paraît normal? ça veut dire que pour le péquin moyen, si tu vas à un enterrement, il vaut mieux être dans le cercueil que dire l’oraison […]