Navigating Emotional Situations in a Remote Setting

Business empathy training

Despite formerly held, outdated expectations that emotions have no place in a corporate setting, anyone would agree that, in fact, the workplace is often an emotional war zone. Tears, tantrums and emotional outbursts are not so uncommon in the office; and when the office suddenly becomes someone’s kitchen table, stress levels tend to go sky-high.  […]

Transform Adversity into Success with Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence has become increasingly relevant for effective leadership and organizational success. In the words of Komosuke Matsushita, founder of Matsushita Electric: “Business is now so complex and so difficult, the survival of firms so hazardous in an environment increasingly unpredictable, competitive and fraught with danger, that their continued existence depends on the day-to-day mobilization […]

Gain mastery over your fears and doubts.

With Farès Chmait Research findings in different Western countries point to rising insecurity, increasing stress, and the prevalence of Anxiety as a social mood. Some basic moods of life Two moods arise from our relationship to uncertainty. These two moods are wonder and anxiety. In a world of accelerating and often disruptive change, uncertainty has […]