DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHO YOU’RE DEALING WITH? When it comes to negotiating, let’s start by looking at the four main styles of negotiators: the director dominant with big temper and impatience who seems to want to win at all costs, the charming extrovert who seeks to get everyone’s attention and acts as being the […]

We don’t always get what we deserve, we only get what we negotiate.

How good are you as a negotiator? What do you hate the most in a negotiation? What are the traps in a negotiation? Why do you miss opportunities? We negotiate all the time, whenever you are facing a situation and you want to get something from someone that is in control of it, you must […]

How to influence, persuade and convince others…

And they will still like you afterwards! Influencing is an essential skill in business (and in life). And yet, convincing another person to believe (or do) something can be a grueling process. How do you persuade someone without them feeling as if they’ve lost a battle or are somehow inferior? The good news is that […]