The Importance of Providing Managers the Right Tools to Become Coaches


Today, coaching is all we hear about. Every week, a new approach makes headlines. New gurus impose themselves. Fads are spreading. Far from being a simple trend, coaching has become essential, especially in the business world.

Did you know?

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school’s basketball team because his coach felt he didn’t have any talent. Luckily, another coach discerned his unique skills and untapped potential.

Walt Disney was fired from his first job in a regional newspaper for lack of creativity.

Would you be able to recognize the next Jordan or Disney if he were a member of your team? Could you afford to lose a person like them? Ontological coaching helps develop the insight and sensory acuity necessary to foster emerging talent.


Coaching is more than inspiring… It’s about using your credibility, leadership, and skills to initiate change, influence behaviors and contribute to the growth of our businesses and industries.

Ontological coaching is an approach that is essentially based on the analysis and understanding of the deep structure of language, the emotional maturity of individuals and the internal and external physiological language. It is an innovative approach based on neurolinguistic programming (NLP), advanced neurolinguistic programs and neosemanticism.

Ontological coaching distinguishes by its ability to discern the limits of potential, to understand the unspoken communicated, and to foster new collaborative work skills. It offers an unprecedented interpretation of human nature and initiates a committed management style that generates results.


To take full advantage of the unique talents and skills of a team, knowing how to manage performance is paramount. To do so, it is imperative that the manager gets out of the traditional controlling, and authoritarian or laissez-faire management mode that was prevailing until now.

The manager-coach distinguishes himself by his/her contribution to the improvement of the performance and success of his team and his organization by adopting an inclusive management model, better known as “shared leadership”. True shared leadership requires the collaboration and involvement of all members. They become an integral part of the project itself and take ownership of the objectives that emanate from the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the organization. From this perspective, everyone develops his/her proactivity, pleasure and pride at work, and thus becomes responsible for the harmony that reigns within the team and the expected results.

The benefits of such a management model are numerous. Not only does it contribute to the commitment and mobilization of employees, but it also creates a climate of trust, promotes collaboration, and consolidates teamwork, while increasing performance. In addition, employee accountability and better task assignment allows the manager-coach to be in control of his/her activities and to better manage priorities which results in greater personal effectiveness.


As you can see, taking on the role of manager-coach is no longer negotiable. But how do you do it? And where to start?

Today, I would like to introduce you to Académie Impact-Pro Coaching, a new company that I created to equip managers to become coaches.

If you have difficulty communicating with your employees, motivating your team, or if performance lacks within your department, please read the following.

Thanks to the PERF Impact-Pro Coaching method, you will not only learn how to perform sustainably in your personal and professional life, but also discover how to earn the right to coach others.

Thanks to this method, which has already proven its effectiveness and results, success is now attainable for those who are willing to implicate themselves in the process and method.


The PERF Impact-Pro Coaching method aims to create the ability for individuals to reframe their self interpretation and beliefs in order to perform better.

The technique consists of establishing a strategy of deep self-introspection, which facilitates the learning of reasoning methods and teaches how to make good decisions. The goal is to help the client develop strategies by thinking differently, building self-esteem, exploring and focusing on the essentials, and prioritizing.

This coaching method teaches, reinforces, and enables the individual to self-develop.


Académie Impact-Pro Coaching has developed a complete training program to help all managers and leaders of all hierarchical levels and fields of practice to become true manager-coaches.

The Expert Coach training will be launched in March 2023. The backbone of this training is the combination of theoretical contributions and the practice of coaching in situ by the trainees.

We are here to help you thrive!


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