What Can I Bring to my Team?

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Evaluating Competencies to Enhance Your Leadership Skills Over the past few years, business leaders have certainly faced a number of challenges, from adapting to managing a remote workforce, to mobilizing teams amidst uncertainties related to the pandemic, war and global talent shortage to name a few.  Being a manager is no longer just about assigning […]

What is Shared Leadership?

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EVOLUTION OF LEADERSHIP Leadership… Here is a term that is more and more used everydayPeople often confuse “leadership” with “authority”, “position”, “title”. Nowadays, even though authority is rather badly perceived, the notion of leadership, on the other hand, is still quite popular. According to the online dictionary, Linternaute.com, leadership is an anglicism that means “function”, […]

5 Must-Have Skills to Cleverly Step up Into a Management Position

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You’ve been at your job for some time now⁠—you’ve put in your overtime, become a knowledge expert, generated profits; so it was therefore all too easy to assume that you would have been promoted by now.  Many employees make the mistake of believing that being good at their job is all they need to climb […]

Four Common Mistakes Managers Make

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A manager’s attitude can make or break a team.  Too many managers out there get so caught up in their daily tasks that they forget that one of their main responsibilities is to, well, manage people.  So, let’s take a look at the four most common mistakes managers make.  1- Failing to set clear goals […]

The Importance Of Making Good Business Decisions

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Our lives are made up of thousands of decisions. According to a study completed by researchers at Cornell University in the United States, an average individual makes 226 decisions per day, and this research only involves decision-making related to our food choices! We can therefore imagine the number of decisions that each one of us […]

The Winning Strategy for Recruiting the Right Candidate or Business Partner

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Whether you are looking to hire new talent for your organization or closing a deal with a new business partner, the process of recruiting the right person can sometimes feel like a bumpy road that ends up looking like a disastrous business decision. So many knowledgeable recruiters and entrepreneurs will admit that recruiting the right […]

The Best Leadership Styles for Leading Remote Teams

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With recent events forcing corporate offices to close their doors for an undetermined period of time, many organizations opted to operate virtually. For some, the transition was painless as a part or most of the company’s workforce was already set up to work from home, but for others, the transition has been more difficult, if […]

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a True Leader?

What are the qualities and skills of the best leaders? Many people are promoted to management positions because the company feels they can do the work, but the reality I see every day in my corporate coaching work is that they’re often unprepared to lead their teams effectively to exceed organizational goals. In a recent […]

Managing change, or managing continuity?

When it comes to change management, the only thing that is certain in life is that nothing is certain. And yet humans are naturally uncomfortable with uncertainty. Change inspires fear, and this is the emotion that causes us to seek refuge in the comfort of our habits. We reproduce what we know we can do, […]