Listen Beyond The Words

A man, who is a liar, says: “I lie.” If he is indeed lying, then he is telling the truth, which means he is lying. This is the so-called liar paradox. People may lie in order to flatter, protect, entertain, assign blame elsewhere, or hurt others. Lying is omnipresent! Though not necessarily amoral, virtually no […]

Mobilizing the Individual and the Team

“Alone, we go faster; together we go further!” – African proverb Since prehistoric times, when humans banded together to hunt, we have always combined our strengths and resources to achieve together what they could not do alone. How is it that today in many organizations that joint spirit no longer exists? Impact-Pro shares with you […]

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable, but when well-managed conflict can actually positively impact professional dynamics. Managers spend more than a quarter of their time dealing with conflict. In this training we offer practical and effective tools to address and eliminate discord at work. By acting on the factors that create and escalate conflict, you will also see […]

Ontological Coaching

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school’s basketball team because his coach felt he didn’t have the talent. Luckily, another coach discerned his unique skills and untapped potential. Walt Disney was fired from his first job in a regional newspaper for lack of creativity. Did his supervisors doubt his creative potential, miss seeing his […]

Influence With Integrity

Influencing with integrity can be learned and mastered! Learn how to create and deliver compelling messages that address the mind, the heart, and the wallet, in order to sell your ideas with minimal resistance. Get what you want while giving others what they really want, too. To persuade, do not insist. Analyze and react strategically. Influencing […]

Public Speaking: Communicate with Impact

You are the center of attention, but it’s your audience who requires all the attention. To make an impact, you must be properly prepared, rid yourself of your fears, and engage your audience. Impact-Pro has the formula you need to capture the audience’s attention every time! In This Training How to slide on the power suit […]

Develop Emotional Maturity

This training invites participants to explore the basic principles of emotional intelligence. Some people have the privilege of benefiting from high emotional intelligence in a natural and intrinsic way. For these individuals, the ability to accurately assess, express, and regulate their emotions is innate. For many of us, however, our emotional intelligence needs to be […]

Unleash Your Full Potential

Being an accomplished person involves more than an admirable track record or exemplary ethical behaviour. How well we understand ourselves is at the core of how well we manage our emotions. Self-awareness allows us to recognize our strengths and our limitations, which, in turn, gives us control over our emotions. When we make our emotions […]

Mental Hygiene and Emotional Intelligence

“I work hard, I get good contracts, but I never achieve my financial goals!” You do everything right to achieve success, but somehow the end result is never quite what you had hoped for. Despite superhuman efforts, following strategies and procedures, and following your best intentions, you are often disappointed, and rarely satisfied. Though common […]